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Address: Guanghan City goldfish town Liangshui village

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  • Customer requirements are our focus, continuous improvement is our eternal goal。

       Guanghan Yuanheng Paper Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of paper buckets,The company's fixed assets are 30 million RMB,The annual output value is 50 million yuan,The factory has four functional departments and two production workshops,Bear a variety of models and specifications of cardboard drums,Design, trial production and production of metal hoop cardboard drum and paper sleeve。At present, it has an annual production capacity of 2.5 million paper drums of various models and specifications。Product quality, green environmental protection, reliable quality, stable, the factory has a fixed development and sales channels, won the long-term trust and support of many well-known customers in the industry!Products are suitable for food (hot pot, fat, bean, pickles, spicy sauce, etc.), pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical raw materials, food additives, pigments, metallurgy and other industries packaging。


         The company with efficient management system, advanced technical force and production equipment, calm professional dedication to provide customers with quality services and products。It has passed the certification of "GB/T19001-2008 Quality management system" and obtained the export packaging license of Sichuan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau。Establish a sound quality management system, and introduce ISO14001 (environmental management system), and through environmental acceptance and fire acceptance, to ensure that to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service。

        Our factory can provide various specifications of paper buckets according to customer needs。Warmly welcome customers and friends to consult and cooperate。

        Quality policy

        ★ Create green and environmentally friendly products;

        ★ Customer requirements are our focus;

        ★ Continuous improvement is our eternal goal。

        Quality objective

        ★ Product factory pass rate is high;

        ★ Customer feedback processing within 4H;

        ★ Customer satisfaction is more than 90%。

        Quality commitment

        ★ Our factory operates in strict accordance with the requirements of "GB/T19001-2008 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system" and continuously improves the effectiveness of the quality management system and environmental management system,In order to maximize customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations。

        ★ Our factory guarantees that all products are carefully manufactured with qualified materials。During the warranty period of the product, when the product is under normal use or storage conditions, if the product cannot be used normally due to the manufacturing quality, the company undertakes to carry out free replacement or return。